Seasons Are Circling

by Colleen Brown

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These songs are collaborative recordings I made with some great musical friends. They capture the experimentation and inspiration we managed to conjure in basements, living rooms and attics across Canada over the last few years. Featured artists include Mitchmatic, Jesse and the Dandelions' Jesse Northey, Scenic Route To Alaska, Slow Leaves and more.


released November 1, 2016




Colleen Brown Edmonton, Alberta

Often compared to Heart and Joni Mitchell, multi-instrumentalist Colleen Brown writes folk-pop songs about love, fate, and psychic retooling. The Globe and Mail declares “The talents of this musician shine like a beacon. Her boldly written originals… have the good bones and great melodic rhythm of classic big-screen pop songs” ... more

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Track Name: Colleen Brown & Jesse Northey - Swallowed Whole
Swallowed Whole

As far as mystery goes
There’s something in the snow
Feels like it could…
Swallow you whole

Wherein space
Inside a snowflake
Another universe is waiting
Molecules and three dimensional beings
Touched by Something
Feeling without feeling
Seeing without seeing

Density, hydrogen
Keeps the snowflake floating
Lighter than the sea
Heavier than me
Track Name: Colleen Brown & Mitchmatic - The Only Way
The Only Way

The only way I know to live is like a dead man
The only way I know to give is like I need none

Nothing but love, nothing but time
Nothing but good words and an endless mind
Something running through me, not just blood and bone
Currency’s the current, carry, carry, carry, carry me home

Nothing but space, nothing
Every bit mine, nothing is mine
Take me on the mellow breeze
I’m ready for the final climb
Track Name: Colleen Brown & Slow Leaves - Try It Again
Try It Again

I put my foot right in my mouth
 (Try It Again, try it)
That’s when the evening started south
(Try It Again, try it)
When I began to explain
That your ideas are birdbrained
Did not expect you to fly off the handle
After all we’re just animals

You put your foot right in your mouth
(Try It Again, try it)
Did you suspect this would be love
(Try It Again, try it)
I did not mean to say
That all your songs are cliche
Hey, hey it’s your birthday
Let’s blow out the candles
While we’re still young

Let’s walk it off…
I still feel for you
Let’s walk it off…
C’mon let’s Try It Again…
Track Name: Colleen Brown & Major Love - I Can't Wrap My Heart Around It
I Can’t Wrap My Heart Around It

Everything’s changing
You know you had me once upon a time
You know we had a love that was so fine
You know I’d have done anything

And I Can’t Wrap My Heart
I Can’t Wrap My Heart Around It

Seasons Are Circling
But I still love you
Though summer left some time ago
Memories are failing
The light is fading
And I don’t want this anymore
And I can’t keep you ‘round my door

And I am growing
And this goes nowhere
But while I’m changing
Gotta keep on moving…
gotta keep on moving on
Track Name: Colleen Brown & Ido van der Laan - The River
The River

Picture you're drifting alone down a river 
While trees on the banks loom like souls of past lovers
You can't believe all the things that they tell you
Words are just that and actions speak louder

I tried to tell you I really do love you
You just laughed and said I don't believe you
What could I do to be yours in affection
The weakness of heart, and to show that I'm human

We all fall deep into blackest of holes
That we colour and
Seasons change me 
In the winter my heart freezes over
And in the spring melts
Into the sea we call love

Our bodies are suits for our souls’ new disguises 
They work with our minds and are full of surprises
We drift down the river alone now with presence
Can we unite our love, hopes and passions

I know in my heart that I really do love you
(look in my eyes)
Look in my eyes to see if I'm lying
(you will believe)
You will believe me; these eyes aren't for hiding (show you the world)
They show you the world in their brand new horizons
Track Name: Disco Nova
Disco Nova

From my heart to my feet
Every part of me
Every part of me…
Is beating…

From my car, I see you down the street
And every part of me
Every part of me
And now I’m walking down the street towards you and
Every part of me
Every part of me
Is beating…

Can’t you feel my love
Sending it to you
It’s cold out but I’ll hold out til you warm up to me